Dear Sky

6 months ago today you entered my life and took hold of my heart.  Every day is still such an adventure with you.  I love getting out of bed and starting my day with your smile and wondering what kind of fun we will have that day. 

I am so in love with you little girl, and so in love with how much life has changed since you joined our family.  I love everything about being your mommy, even the challenging little fits you throw.  Your so darn cute when you are angry that I can’t help but chuckle when you put on your sour face and scream.  I know I won’t always find your fits cute, but for now it’s pretty adorable.

Your smile is the best gift in the whole world.  You make my day over and over again every time you look at me and smile.  You make me feel like the most important person in your world with that smile of yours. 

I knew life would change when you became part of our family.  I knew there would be ups and downs, challenges and lot’s of laughing and happiness.  But, I had no idea how full my heart would be, how much I would love you, and how much I would love EVERYTHING about being your Mommy.

I know you are going to grow and change a ton in the next few months, and I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months brings for you and our family.

What your doing right now:
-Not teething yet, thankfully.  I know it’s coming, but am happy to wait as long as possible.
-You have tried steamed green beans, banana, and waffle.  You seem to like all three.  You can’t really chew them yet, but you manage to get them to your mouth all by yourself and suck on them. 
-You are so close to crawling…I don’t get much done around the house because I am watching you like a hawk so I don’t miss it when you finally do take off across the room.   
-You are so in love with your toes that all the sucking on them has resulted in athletes foot.  It’s a constant battle keeping your toes dry and not smelling funky. 
-You LOVE your monkey toys.  I don’t know why you like monkey’s so much, but those are the only toys you want to play with. 
-You have started throwing lovely little fits when I won’t let you play with my phone, chew on my magazines, or slobber on my laptop.  No matter what I’m doing you want to be part of it and get pretty ticked when you can’t play with mommies “toys”. 
-You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your jumper.  You spend tons of time just bouncing away and laughing like crazy! 

 This is pretty much how you spend your days…playing with your toes and popping them in your mouth every chance you get. 

One thought on “Dear Sky

  1. I,ve said this before–Only now can you appreciate why–not a day goes by that I do not stop to pause in my office at home and stare longley at the pics on the wall of my beautiful daughters. I get great comfort knowing I will get to see and hold sky. I am so proud of the mom you have become.


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