Friday Randoms

-A post a day for a month – last time I did this I didn’t have a mini human in the house and spending time with her/taking care of her (and spending time with Mark/family) is more important than maintaining a blogging streak. 

-Just in case everyone hasn’t heard, Mark won the free eye surgery!  For those that voted for his video THANK YOU!!!  Surgery is scheduled for 12/1/11.

-Receiving Sky’s birth certificate in the mail with our names on it was pretty cool!

-Apple bits mixed in with scrambled eggs, onion, and potato = not very good.

-I’m adding beer to the 6 week challenge.  Cheese is proving to be too easy and I want a challenge, so no beer or cheese until the end of the 6 weeks. 

-I really don’t see the problem in wearing pj’s All Day during the week.  The UPS driver must think I’m the laziest stay at home mom ever!

-Dear baby sock makers….please make a sock that stays on little tiny baby feet.

-So, so excited for Sunday’s race!!!  So ready to hit the trails, and it’s going to rain!  I like trail running in the rain!

-Thinks that snuggling with Sky on the couch ALL DAY is perfectly productive!

-Would like it if Sky would find Aerosmith as soothing in the car as she does Eminem.  I like me a little angry white boy rap, but it’s really not appropriate for a 5 month old.

-OMG – she is going to be 5 months old Saturday!!!  I can’t believe it!

-I LOVE the new jogging stroller…it is amazing!  I love running with it and feel like it gives me supper running power.  Can’t wait to run a race with her in the new stroller!

And now for a few pics….

 Sky, in the new jogging stroller with the net zipped and harness fitted.  
 Without the net covering.  
 I needed new trail shoes (pictured below) but there was such a great sale on running shoes that I got new road shoes and new trail shoes.  Road shoes above…trail shoes below.  
I needed new trail shoes because my old ones are still filled with sand, imbedded in the foot-bed of the shoe, from my Rampage at the RAC race.  It is the kind of supper fine sand that I just can’t get rid of it.  Every time I have worn the old once since that race my socks are full of sand when I take them off.  I’m going to hold onto the old ones though and make those my official mud-run racing shoes. 
Sky, sleeping on our bed, with her hands clasped and ankles crossed…this is a standard sleep position for her. 

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