Growing Like a Weed

It seems like Sky was in NB/0-3 month cloths for a really long time, really only about 4 months, but it seemed like a long time.   

Then she was in 3 month/ 3-6 month stuff for about 3 weeks and is now moving on to 6 month.

Thankfully 99.9% of her clothes have been given to us and we have boxes and boxes of all different sizes, so when she is ready to move up I don’t have to go shopping.  It does making dressing her in the morning a challenge because there is so much cute stuff to choose from.  It takes me longer to pick her outfit out than it does mine!  That a good problem to have though.  🙂 

She is kind of like an accordion in that she will plump up and be chunky baby for a while then she gets all long and lean on us.  She is in a long and lean phase at the moment.  Hardly any baby belly on her and only one or two leg rolls.

Look at how long she is!!!

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