Rampage Race

Ruined trail shoes = $150
Ruined Sports Bra = $60
Ruined T-Shirt = $7.99
Scraped and banged up knees = lots of pain
Memories and fun = PRICELESS!!!  
Michelle and I ran our first mud run/obstacle course race today and we had a BLAST!!!  My running gear suffered and I will have to scramble to get new trail shoes/break them in before my next trail run the end of this month, but it was totally worth it!!!  
The race was not chip timed as the mission of the race was to get people off the couch and just finish, but they did have a clock at the finish line for each wave and we crossed the line in just under 40 minutes.  
Pics of the fun below…they are out of order, sorry!
 After crossing the finish line.  We had mud in places you don’t want it!!! 
 Just before our wave takes off…nice and clean still.  
 Killing time on the playground waiting for our wave to start.  
At this point we were trying to convince ourselves the tunnel wouldn’t be a big deal.  
Fire jumping…I was determined not to catch any heat here.  
 We made it to the top, now we have to get down!  
 Mud pit…if you enlarge the pic you can see my tongue sticking out.  There were a ton of rocks in the mud which is part of the reason my knees are a mess. 
Time to get wet…that’s me at the top on my belly and Michelle is standing at the very top ready to jump and slide.  
We learned that running in wet clothes and shoes is really, really hard!  
There were over 1,200 participants and one of the best organized races we have done!  I can’t wait to do this again next year!!!

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