First ER Visit

We had our first ER visit last night.  Sky is not a fussy baby in the least, so when she started screaming hysterically last night, for hours, and making a strange snorting, coughing sound, we felt like a visit to Urgent Care was in order. 

The Dr. at UC felt like it was serious enough that we needed to go to Mary Bridge ED to be safe.  She gave them a call so they would be expecting us.  Well, 3 1/2 hours, two starving parents, and one tired baby later she was sent home with a clean bill of health. 

The concern was she aspirated something and imaging was needed to see if there was something in her lungs.  However, since only metal items would show up, her oxygen levels were great, and she took a bottle with zero issues, the ER Dr. decided to skip the imaging and send us home.  If she continued to have issues bring her back in.

She slept through the night, even slept in this morning.  All seems well. 

Found out she is just over 13 pounds!  She is getting so big! 

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