Seattle Sounders

I went to my first professional Soccer game last night and I LOVED it!!!  Let me tell you Seattle Sounders fans are the craziest kind of fan EVER!  Now I love me some NFL football and I think Steelers fans are pretty amazing, but they could take lessons from Sounders fans.
-As the team was introduced the announcer only said the first name of each player because the entire crowd yelled the last name of each player.
-12,000 + people sung the National Anthem and didn’t mess it up.
-12,000 + people stood for the ENTIRE match!!
-12,000+ people knew the words to ever song and chant and were singing and chanting the ENTIRE match!
-Soccer fans are Hard Core when the refs mess up or there is an injury to an opponent.  No sympathy and profanity is apparently a necessity. 
I have never experienced anything like it, and let me tell you I’m hooked!  The Sounders won 1 to 0.  Even though there was only one goal scored it was constant non-stop action the whole time.  I was jumping up and down with excitement the whole 90+ minutes! 
I can’t wait until I get to go to another match!
Finally a home-town team I’m proud to be a fan of!!!
Our seats were awesome!!!  This picture was taken from our seats. 
Me on the end, Danielle, Cara and Sandi. 
Thank you Sandi for being a season ticket holder and getting extra tickets for us to this game!  
With last nights win the Sounders are playoff bound and I can’t wait to see how they do!

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