Houston We Have a Problem!!

I discovered last night that I have cracked heels. Yep, that’s an S, both heels have big old cracks in them.

I wear a ton of sexy, cute high heels and summer shoes, I CAN NOT have cracked heels!

I give myself a pedi every two weeks, my feet ALWAYS look cute, year round. I put lotion on them, soak them and scrub them and have never had cracked heels before.

It has to be running, specifically running in hot weather and having sweaty feet and friction. (Have I mentioned how much I don’t love running in the heat?! I would rather run in snow than in anything over 74 F!)

What am I going to do?! This is not acceptable at all. I put A&D ointment on them last night and socks. I hope that helps!

2 thoughts on “Houston We Have a Problem!!

  1. I have trained for 5 marathons in CA heat….have done countless 13+ mile runs in 85+ degrees…..never ever have I had cracked heels.
    Maybe try Aquaphor?? Or different sock material?? Or skip the pedi's and let your heels get a good callous??


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