Sweet Ride

You may remember that back in May Mark bid on a ride in this 58 Corvette for me. As a birthday present. Well I patiently waited, and waited, and waited some more for sunny weather, and for Fred and I to coordinate schedules. Mostly it was my schedule that was a pain with vacations, camping, and a new baby in the house.

Any way it finally worked out. Fred picked me up Friday afternoon, and we drove 5 Mile Drive, the Water Front, and hit a cruise-in next to the Sonics in Tacoma. We chatted at the cruise-in for a bit then went over to Sonics for dinner.

I had so much fun ridding around in this car!!! First of all it’s my DREAM CAR, and I got to sit in it, and feel the wind in my hair while enjoying the sound of a good old fashion American Muscle Car Engine. I was in heaven!

I have never been in a car that gets so much attention. People were waving, giving thumbs up, and yelling out their windows about how nice the car was. Fred took it all in stride, while I was smiling like a fool the entire time.

I really enjoyed visiting with Fred, and hearing about the car’s history and work that went into it. I also learned that Fred’s wife is in the last 6 weeks of chemo, and has a final scan in 6 weeks to give her the “all clear”. I will be thinking of them both every day until I hear that all is well.

On the way home Fred pulled over and told me to drive it on home. So I kicked my flip-flops off and got in the driver seat. I was so scared…please don’t let me the one to mess up such a beautiful car! I was a bit cautious…every clutch is different so I was slow to get started, but let me tell you, that was way more than I hoped for! And, I know I had the biggest smile on my face all the way home!!

Thank you Fred for taking the time to support Relay, and for going way above and beyond by letting me drive! I had so much fun, am more in love with the 58 Corvette than I was before, and can’t wait to hear the good news in 6 weeks!

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