Wedding Weekend in Hood River

Mark and I spent the weekend in Hood River for my friend Lesley’s wedding. I have known Lesley for a long. We had all sorts of fun when we shared an office, she hosted our wedding reception in her back yard, and through all the years and her move to Portland we stay in touch and manage to visit in person several times a year.

I can’t tell you how excited I was for her and Trevor to tie the knot. They are perfect for each other, and picked a wonderfully beautiful setting to share their love and commitment with friends and family.

Lesley holding Sky. This was the first opportunity she had to meet Sky.

Trevor and Lesley enjoy traveling together and Trevor is a very good photographer. So instead of assigning guests to table’s using numbers, we were all assigned to a destination. Each table had a picture (taken by Trevor) of a different destination that the two of them have visited together. We were sent to the Grand Canyon, and I love it that there was a name card for Sky as well!

We have found that Sky LOVES laying in the grass, free to kick her legs and arms and burn off some steam. She had been in her car seat most of the day and had been held by Mark and I to get through the ceremony. During the reception she kicked it in the grass for at least an hour if not longer. All kicks and giggles!

Sky and I waiting for the ceremony to start.

She likes how pretty she looks in her wedding outfit!

Before heading home today we decided to explore a bit and drove the “Fruit Loop” around Hood River. There were a lot of fruit stands, orchards, and wineries to visit. We made a few stops for fruit and preserves and ended with a wine tasting at one of the award winning wineries.

We had some time to kill before brunch this morning with the newlyweds, so Mark put his camera and her smiles to good use.

I love her little fists…she always looks like she is ready for a fight.

The last week or so she really loves, and needs some time to just be a baby on her own and kick her legs and arms.

We had horrible traffic on the way home…ended up taking twice as long as it should have to get from Castle Rock to Lakewood. We had to make a few more feeding stops than we thought we would, this was the last one before getting home. It had been a long, hot day in the car for her and she was out before I could finish burping her. I think she fell asleep just to block out the horror of being stuck in the car seat and stuck in traffic.

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