Back from Vacation

We got back Sunday evening and we had a great time. There are a ton of pics which Mark is still working on uploading and editing. In the meantime here are a few pics Bob and Michelle took.

At an overlook somewhere between OR and ID.

Michelle and I with a bear in Park City.

Michelle’s mom watched all the kids one evening so the 4 of us could hit the town. We went out to a nice dinner and then found a saloon to have a few drinks in. This is us goofing around on the way back to the truck.

We were able to do a bob sled run on the Olympic run from the 02 Olympics. It was 4g’s at 78 ish mph and over in about a minute. What a blast though and crazy to feel what it’s like for the bob sled teams. It was an actual bob sled with a pro driver. I wouldn’t do it again, but I’m glad I got to do it.

As for running on vacation, well I had no idea Park City was at 7,000 plus feet. Lets just say that I get altitude sickness starting at 5,000 feet. So, the running didn’t happen. I felt like crap pretty much the whole time we were there. Michelle and I managed some great walks, but I couldn’t breath and felt sick to my stomach.

Once I have access to Mark’s pics I will do a more complete vaca post. We did a lot of fun things and Sky had some firsts, but they are better with pics.

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