My Legs Hate Me

Maybe I’m being a wiener, but my legs hurt. A lot! Still!

I know it does not help that I am walking every day with Sky in her Moby. Seems to be the only way she calms down when she is really fussy. Put in the Moby wrap and talk a walk and she is out within 2 minutes, but the walks last much longer than that.

It also does not help that I’m doing P90X as well, and I’m not skipping workouts because my legs are sore form a little trail run.

BTW – I started out doing a 90 program, but have switched over to a hybrid between P90X and the 90 program I started. The 90 day program is the EXACT same cardio routine for the whole 90 days…boring! It is the exact same strength training for 10 days, I get a new strength training program every 10 days, but I HATE doing the same workout day after day after day! Boring!!!

So I have decided to do my own thing…shocking I know. I’m doing P90X 2 to 3 times a week, running at least 2 to 3 times a week, and doing the strength training portion of my 90 program on the days I’m not doing P90X.

I do my workouts in the mornings and then meet up with Michelle in the afternoons for our runs.

Anyway. My legs are not getting a break. Mark suggested last night that perhaps I should take it a bit easy this week as we leave Friday for Park City and the one thing that fires up my bad hip is riding in the car for hours. Starting out a long car trip with an already sore hip is probably not the best idea.

In a twisted way I sort of like being sore. At least I know I’m getting good workouts in.

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