Lord Hill Photos

A few pics from the race…there are a few more on my sisters link. Was a wonderfully sunny day, I was thankful for that. This would have been miserable with rain and mud.

Race start. I’m forth back on the right of the picture in all black. Michelle is on the left of me in a green shirt. At this point we had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into. We purposely started at the back of the pack. We feel better when we can pass people rather than being passed. Not that there was a lot of passing going on either way.

One of the many hills in the first 1.7 miles. This was not the steepest one by any means.

The smile on Michelle’s face is because we are at the finish line. One of the things I love about Michelle is her smile. She smiles no matter how gnarly things get.

At this point my earphones fell out and I was yelling finish line to Michelle. Even though it was a difficult race I felt pretty good physically, but was so excited to see the finish line and that it was over.

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