I Have Become My Mom…Sort Of

I remember as a kid not being too fond of the fact that Mom watched golf, tennis and car racing. The firs two sports totally bored me out of my mind. As for car racing…sometimes I was bored and sometimes I liked it.

Now that I’m 36 I find myself watching tennis and golf and car racing and guess what…I like it!

I enjoy watching golf and seeing how each player approaches the holes/shots differently and what club they choose to use. Tennis looks like so much work and one thing I can appreciate is mental toughness and physical conditioning. Tennis is one of the few sports that the coaches don’t get to couch during the “game” so to speak. Yes I know they are matches not games. But still most sports that have coaches allow the coaches to coach, but in Tennis it is up to the athlete to coach themselves during the matches, and I find that impressive.

As for car racing…pit stop strategy makes or breaks you, drafting, bumping, who you decide to work with on the track all play into it and I love watching it unfold. I didn’t get that when I was a kid though…it was just a bunch of cars going in circles and maybe an accident here or there to spice it up.

I thought it was just my Mom being old and boring (sorry Mom…I don’t really think that about you…don’t be to upset about the thoughts that went through my little kid brain) but really it was her ability to understand the less obvious drama involved. Plus, the “big” sports like football, basketball and baseball are easy to understand and follow the scoring. Golf and Tennis are a bit more complicated and I just didn’t understand it back then. Now I get it though.

Now when I sit and watch tennis, golf, and car racing the thought that runs through my mind is, “I have so become my Mom in some ways.” And, it makes me smile.

2 thoughts on “I Have Become My Mom…Sort Of

  1. I am not the least bit offended by your thoughts. They make me smile.
    Isn't it funny how, if you wait long enough, it all comes around. The strategy has always amazed me and I enjoy it to this day. As I am writing this I am watching Wimbledon. Have to set the box to record Nascar this weekend, as it's convention time.

    Have to say, too, how much I enjoyed the camping pics. Was it weird to go back? Did you get to be the tour leader?

    Love me some Sky. (You and Mark, too) Moo


  2. It was a little strange to go back and see how much some things have changed and how much some things are SO the same. I was a little bit of a tour leader…it was fun.

    BTW – I'm watching Wimbledon as well.


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