Mt St Helen’s Camping Trip

We spent a long weekend camping at Seaquest State Park. What a pretty park with tons of greenery, open space for the kids to run, playgrounds, and fishing nearby.

We had great weather most of the time. There was a little drizzle here and there, and some clouds the morning we headed up to the mountain. But, as we worked our way from one visitor center to the next it got warmer and warmer and the clouds went away.

There were lots of fun times with the kiddos, some really, really great wine from the Mt St Helen’s winery, some great campfires built by Grace (with supervision) and lot’s of sight seeing!

Mark, Sky, Bishop and I walking along Silver Lake.

The Beckham’s walking along Silver Lake.

Grace at an overlook with the Mt St Helen’s behind her. You can really only see the bottom of the Mt because of the clouds.

Me with Sky all Moby Wrapped. The Moby Wrap is like magic. Sky was so happy being snuggled up next to Mark and I and loved the motion of us walking with her.

Reading Steven Tylers book to Sky. Just kidding…totally not appropriate for her. Actually not even very appropriate for me. 😉

Mark reading a book with Sky, but not too her…is a Zombi book…not ok for Sky yet.

Kiera was fascinated by seeing herself in Mark’s bumper.

The next two pictures are for sure the pictures of the weekend…the first runner up is…

Sky letting Daddy know how she feels about the flash on the camera going off in her face all the time. 🙂

And the winner is…

A mud covered Kiera. This happened not even 5 minutes after Bob and Michelle pulled into camp Friday night. Kiera was playing on a jungle gym and stepped off one of the higher platforms and landed head first / face first right in the mud. I love it that even though she was crying her head off Michelle paused long enough for us to get a picture of it.

It was a lot of fun going back home so to speak. I grew up in the Mt St Helen’s area and have not been back in over 11 years. It was interesting to see how much has changed and how much is still the same.

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