Meeting New People

Sky has been very, very busy meeting lots of new people. These Pictures are not in order…actually I’m sure they are totally out of order…Call it being tired and busy with a new baby.

We visited my Aunt Nancy, Uncle Randy, Cousin Tracy and her son Magnus a couple of weekends ago and had a great time visiting and enjoying Tracy’s baked goods. Magnus was totally all about Sky. He wanted to be the first to hold her and constantly kept coming back to her to see what she was doing.

Nolan, Michelle and Kolton came over to meet Sky and Kolton in particular was very excited about seeing the baby. (I see a pattern here of boys liking Sky, thought we had 13 years or so before that started!)

Reggie, Mark’s parents dog is totally in love with Sky. He curled up on Mark’s lap and sat there watching her for the longest time!

Bob, Michelle, Kiera, and Grace were one of the first to meet Sky. Grace has been the post patient and most excited of anyone. She would constantly talk to me about how pretty Sky would be and how happy we would be once she was here. And, post important she kept telling me what a great friend she would be to Sky. She is sitting here so patiently waiting for Mom to be done holding Sky so she could have her turn.

All that visiting has made her a sleepy girl. There is nothing better than snuggling with a sleeping baby.

2 thoughts on “Meeting New People

  1. Ahhhh–That last pic is what I see when I think of shannon. I sill am on a cloud just thinkig of her sleeping on my chest making her little baby sounds. Val and I can't wait to hold her next week. Neither can grandma–or great grandma. So precious. I can't tell yu how much holding shannon makes me miss my own two little gils. I don't think I will ever get over that. Each day of my life stopping in my office and stareing at the pictures of my little girls and wishing for one more moment with the two of you. So count each moment as special. I know you do.

    Training update–Last night I did legs, squats till I dropped. Then I lightened the load and did another set, over and over until I could get only a few reps on my last set of fifty pounds. Then I went to work–12 hours of graveyard. Should have been an easy night for criminals–it was a week day for crying out loud. However, a special sweep for warrants and all night long, non stop, I dealt with bad, angry, and very confrontive bad guys. Cramps hit me around 11:00-Inmates know these things and see it as a weakness. Home, to bed and wide awake screaming myself awake with each wave of cramps. Up and off to work out, with my legs killing me. It would have been easy to skip the run. However, I only did 2 miles, just under 22 minutes. Each step was agonizing. For me it was about the vision of finishing alongside my daughter in our first race together. I love running, and I love the feel of it.


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