Welcome to the world Shannon Kailey Yeatman!

After years and years of hoping and waiting Sky if finally here! Crystal called us at 6:30 the morning of Saturday the 21st to let us know her water broke. Mark and I jumped out of bed and raced around like crazy getting ready to get out the door. Thankfully we had packed the car weeks ago, so the car seat, diaper bag, and my overnight bag were ready.

The whole way up to Everett we were so worried we would not get there in time, I really wanted to be there to welcome her into the world and to offer what support I could to Crystal. Little did we know we could have slept in, taken showers, drove 20 mph up there, stopped for coffee and we still would have been in time.

We all got settled in the delivery room, which would be “our” room for the entire stay. Totally looked like we were staying for a month with all the stuff between Crystal and her boyfriend and Mark and I.

Once we were settled in and it was determined that Crystal was only at a 3 and having NO contractions, Mark and I headed out for breakfast since were in such a hurry to leave the house that we didn’t eat anything.

We got back to the hospital and still no action. So we sat around talking, napping, listening to music, walking around, skipping down the hallways and having wheelchair races. Crystal was feeling great and wanted to stay pretty active because sitting around the room was boring.

Mark and I left for lunch and came back and nope, still no action. More waiting around. Dinner time rolled around and the nurses assured us it was safe to leave and get some food. So Mark and I got take out, and brought some back for Tyler, and Crystal for after the baby was born. At this point they didn’t want her eating anything.

Saturday night she finally started having contractions but was still only at a 3. They let her go for a while and Crystal finally decided that an epidural would be a good idea, along with a gel placed on her cervix to see if things would start moving along. I am so thankful that the nurses suggested we all get some sleep after the epidural. They kept the interruptions to a minimum and we all got around 3 hours of sleep. We had to give the gel 4 hours to work and after 4 hours she was at a 4, so the next step was patocin. Like magic she want from a 4 to an 8 in a 1/2 hour.

Next thing we know the nurse is saying it is time to start pushing, so Mark and Tyler head out to the waiting room to wait out the 2 hours of pushing the nurse had predicted. Turns out 10 minutes later and 5 pushes Sky was born. It was 3:38 am Sunday, May 22nd. Sky was 6 lb. 15 oz. and 19 inches long.

I was so impressed with Crystal’s strength, and emotional maturity. She knew this was not going to be easy, but she also knew she was 100% comfortable with her decision. I don’t know that I have ever seen that much strength and love all wrapped into one in my whole entire life.

I will forever cherish the time that Mark and I spent with Crystal and Tyler in that hospital room. We learned a lot about each other and got to share in welcoming an amazing little girl into the world.

Mark and I with Crystal and her current boyfriend Tyler with Sky.

Sky a few hours after her birth.

Crystal spending time with Sky.

Looks like she is flexing. This was after her bath I believe.

Fresh hatched little Sky.

One thought on “Welcome to the world Shannon Kailey Yeatman!

  1. Enjoy each and every minute. As you are overwhelmed with love, joy, and how precious your baby girl is you become aware of how much love I experienced as a father of my two wonderful little girls. Each and every day I step into my office and not a day goes by that I don’t stand there staring at each and every picture of you and Beth. They mostly are pictures of different stages of the two of you as little girls. I would give anything to recapture a moment of just holding my baby girls once again. So, enjoy this to the fullest. Like me, you too will never get over what this feels like. And I will never get over missing my little girls and wanting to hold you both. This love is so special, so overwhelming. All the more special this weekend will be when I take Sky into my arms.


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