Sweet Ride

Thank you to my most wonderful husband for winning me a ride in this car! I have loved classic Corvette’s since I was a little girl. It just so happened that one of the live auction items at the Relay For Life Of Lakewood Auction was a ride in this 58 Corvette.

Mark sent me on an errand and next thing I know the bid is going up and up and up, but it took me a few minutes to realize it was Mark bidding and he was determined to win me that ride!

So, sometime this summer on a nice sunny hot evening the top will come off (of the car that is) and I will take a ride to the Sonics in Puyallup. I can’t wait!!!

Thank you babe!

P.S. – The auction raised just over $30,000 for the Lakewood Relay! It was a great night of fun supporting a cause Mark and I care about.

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