Dodgeball Champs

That’s right Dodgie Style won the Championship! Finally, after two seasons of getting oh so close we finally did it!

Leading up to the finals I was so excited, but then I got sick. I was having so much trouble breathing that I had decided I wouldn’t play, but was going to go and watch and support the team. However, Michelle threw her back out and couldn’t play, so in order to have the 2 girl minimum that is required I didn’t really have a choice. Kaleena and I held it down for the ladies playing back to back matches without a break. (Each game is 20 minutes long and you play as many matches in 20 minutes that you can. A match is over when you get everyone on the other team out.)

Thankfully we were in pretty good shape heading into the playoffs as we had a first round bye because we were in 2nd place. I was thankful we only had to play one game to get to the finals and not 2!

Our first game went down to the wire and was tied at the end of regulation. Into a 2 minute OT we go and at the end we were able to hold on for the win and head into the championship game.

We were excited to see that our favorite team actually beat the 1st place team, so we got to play Wonderballs for the championship. They are competitive, play us pretty close, but are also a lot of fun and joke around with us. Again this was a close game and we were tied at the end of regulation. Bring on the 2 minute OT and once again we pull out the win to bring home the trophy!

We sort of felt like this season was our time, and it feels really good that we pulled it all together and won it all. It would be hard to pick an MVP as we truly played as a team and each person had star moments throughout both games. I’m so proud of Dodgie Style for working together, having fun, and playing competitively.

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