Catching Up

Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. We have been busy, go, go, go…this weekend I hope it stops for a bit! Totally random updates…

-We spent last weekend in Leavenworth with 8 other people for Michelle’s 30th b-day. Bob found a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom vacation home for us to use and it was great! The weather was warm, and we spent our time drinking, eating, drinking, playing games, drinking, sitting in the hot tub, drinking, sledding, and oh yea more drinking.
It was fun, but I felt like detox was in order when I got home, and getting back into my workouts!

-Mark cooked dinner and we curled up on the couch to watch a movie for Valentines Day. We picked a mind-bender for sure…Inception. I love Mr. Dicaprio, he is one of the few actors that no matter what he does you know it will be good. I have to pay attention though…can’t really knit or surf the web while watching this one.

-Wednesday night was Dodgeball and we had a blast. Dodgie Style is dominating the league this time around. We added two new guys to the team and they both have amazing arm strength, and are deadly accurate. Plus they are nice guys and fun to have on the team.

Looks like we will be doing kickball next. I can’t wait to “get back on the horse” and give first base a go again. No concussions this time! I learned my lesson about trying to tag people out on my knees!

-Not much to update on the baby front. It is a waiting game at this point until the due date. We took care of some paperwork with the attorney last week and we plan on getting a dresser and bathroom shelving this weekend. Plus I need to put the stroller and portable crib together to make sure everything works. I have the diaper bag packed a little, really just her coming home outfit, two bottles (I want to use my bottles in the hospital so she gets used to the nipples and not the hospital nipples) and a swaddling blanket. That is it. Michelle is going to help me with that, because I’m not sure what all I need to pack. I’m sure diapers should be added as well.

We have been getting tons of supper cute baby clothes from friends and co-workers, I still have three garbage bags to go through, and have already gone through two! We have about 500 white onsies in size 0-3 month…I won’t have to do laundry for weeks with all the cloths we have!
101 days until Sky!!!

-I’m going to try and get caught up on my scrap books this weekend. I know once Sky is here I won’t have time and I’m 2 years behind! YIKES!!! I have all the photos/mementos filed by date and ready to go though…just need to get them into the scrap books.

-Michelle and I have our first run in two weeks tonight…I’m so looking forward to it, and so not. I know it is going to hurt, but we have our next race in 22 days, so we have got to get on it! I plan on running Sunday as well…on an every-other-day running schedule at this point as that seems to work well for me. I toss in Zumba or Tracy Anderson on the between days, so there is maybe only 1 day a week, if that, that I’m not working out in some form or other.

So looking forward to the 3 day weekend…work has been crazy to say the least, and I could use the down time.

2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Yea – it's getting closer!!
    For the diaper bag, add a gallon size Ziploc (or two). Stash a few extra diapers + wipes (you can fold the wipes and slide them in a little Ziploc sandwich size bag). When there's a mess, you will be so happy to have an extra gallon Ziploc to slide the dirty clothes in and SEAL them up until you get home!

    I also keep a Shout wipe or two in the bag as well, but that's more for me if he makes a mess on me.


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