What Makes My Angry About Football

While I’m sad the Steelers lost, and feel in a bit of a funk today, there is only one thing I’m truly angry about and that is the fact that there is a huge double standard in the media/NFL/football fans in general.

During the game yesterday the announcers were talking about what Ben has had to overcome this year and to make their point they show numerous newspaper headlines regarding the ALLEGATIONS (that is a KEY word folks) against him.

What has Ben been convicted of…oh that’s right NOTHING!

Yes he put himself in stupid situations, and the fact that is happened twice looks pretty bad, but there can be two sides to a story and there are some fame/money hungry girls out there that would say or do almost anything to get a fat paycheck. I don’t know what he did or didn’t do, but since he has not been arrested and charges have not been pressed saying he deserves to lose or doesn’t deserve to be in the NFL is pretty pathetic considering some of the convicts that are playing the game and held in high regard.

Who has been put on a pedestal and the come-back player of the year this year? Dog torturing/murdering Michael Vick, that’s who. Where were the newspaper headlines about what he did when they were talking about what he had to overcome? Nowhere, it wasn’t even mentioned when they interviewed him. He actually was guilty of a crime, convicted and did time, now you tell me who deserves to win or lose based on morals?

I wonder if there are even enough players with morals/clean records in the NFL to make up one entire football team? I doubt it. And yet fans have the nerve to say people do or don’t deserve to win based on morals/allegations/actions off the field. I find it pretty pathetic.

I find it even more pathetic that the media can put an ex-con on a pedestal while at the same time continue to try and make an innocent player look bad. (Did anyone catch the headlines about Ben taking his O line out to dinner and being out “until all hours of the morning”? This is something he does every time they go to the SB, (and several other QB’s do that for their O lines as well) yet the media jumped all over it saying he was out partying until all hours of the night. PATHETIC!)

I’m not saying Ben is or is not a good guy, I don’t know him and I don’t know if he did or didn’t do it, (and if he ever is charged and convicted I will be the biggest Ben hater out there), I’m also not saying that Michael should not be allowed to make a living after serving his time, but I am calling BS on the hypocrisy of the media, the NFL, and a good number of fans out there!

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