Random Thoughts

Baby – Still can’t believe we are going to be parents very soon!!! So excited!!! I just want to hang out in the nursery all the time now!

Running – Michelle and I have our Super Bowl run Sunday morning, 9 am at 5 Mile Drive…can’t wait!

Steelers – I hear a lot of trash talk about the Steelers living in the Seattle area…hating them is the thing to do around here, and I have gotten used to it. I say bring it on…the Steelers have proven over and over again that they play better and win when they are being disrespected and are the underdogs.

I think it is going to be a great game…two legendary defenses and two strong QB’s/offenses. More than seeing the Steelers win though, I’m looking forward to watching the game with good friends and my Dad! There is nothing like watching Steelers football with my Dad!


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