Fun Run For Tina

I am so irritated with blogger right now. I can upload the video but none of the pics. Whatever!

The race was great! We finished in 30.15, don’t know if that is good time or not, but we don’t really care about that. Our goal was to run the entire race and finish and we did that, even with a nice hill climb thrown in. We ran the whole way and I still felt really good crossing the finish line!

We are going to stick with 5K’s for now, once we are totally comfortable with that we will move up in mileage.

A few things I was not expecting:
-The energy from being a huge crowd of people running like that
-It was hard to pull back and pace with so many people running faster and wanting to keep up with the pack
-How good it felt to hit the top of the hill and know that I just ran it and felt pretty good doing it
-Michelle’s high 5’s were perfectly timed
-The little kids marking the course along the way were amazing!!! They cheered for us and yelled at us to keep going
-Crossing the finish line and not wanting to stop running
-Trail shoes were the bomb, so glad I had them!

I had a blast and can’t wait for the next run!

I will upload pics once I can get it to work.

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