New Shoes

After my running post I received a phone call from my Dad asking if I would like running shoes and that he would send me a check if I did. Well I was not about to turn that down since we are now saving money for adoption legal fees and me not working for 3 months! While I was waiting for the check I was having on ongoing debate in my head do I get running shoes or trail shoes? I train on pavement, but my first race is a trail run, what to do.

That is where my sister, a marathon runner, comes in with some much needed advice! Since the majority of my running is on pavement running shoes would be best and would still work on the trails. Trail shoes are heavier and not as “nice” to run regularly in if you are a pavement runner.

Since I care more about my health and comfort while doing daily runs vs the occasional trail run, I decided regular running shoes was the way to go.

Turns out that Nike and New Balance just don’t work for my feet, while there are other brands out there they don’t feel great on my feet either, Asics have always been the only gym shoes I can wear, and it looks like they are the only running shoes that work for me as well.

As I was able to get a great deal on the above pictured shoes I was also able to get trail shoes (no picture of those) so now I am set for any kind of running I decide to take on!

Michelle and I are still doing great on our runs, and our last run (first one with my new shoes) felt great and was a faster pace than we had done before. We both felt great after and I’m getting excited for next weekends race!

I do find it a bit disturbing that I have more gym shoes now than I do dress shoes!

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