No Power

I love a good storm! It is the perfect excuse to put flannel pj’s on, drink tea or better yet hot spiced wine, and curl up on the couch with a good book/movie/or sporting event. But last night was CRAZY!

To start with I was not happy that the power flicked on and off during MNF! Not that there was any doubt as to the outcome of the game after the first 6 minutes, but don’t mess with MNF!

Given that the power was flickering on and off I should have known to get the candles out before the power went out for good, but I didn’t. And, do we have a single flashlight in the house? Um no, ok yes one little one, but really for as much as we camp you would think we would have a few in the house. I seriously could have used a camping lantern last night, but at least with EVERY candle it the house lit we have ambiance and competing smells of cinnamon, sugar cookies, and apple pie with a little basil cucumber thrown in…all a bit sickening after a while!

The one sound I really didn’t want to hear…the transformer blowing up! We know that means we may be without power for a few days the way things go in Lakewood. (Last time it blew we were out for 3 days I think).

Then the bombardment on the house really started…branches crashing into the roof, windows and deck. It literally sounded like we were under attack. Mark and I looked at each other a few times thinking this was the branch that would knock a hole in the roof. The yard (and pretty much all of Lakewood for that matter) looks like a war zone! It is going to take a while to clean it all up, but thankfully we survived with not trees coming down on the house and no significant damage…just a few little things to clean up/fix.

Oh to be a kid again when a storm meant the power going out and having the entire dark house to play hide and go seek in!

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