Wine of the Month

Mark and I joined the Sunset wine club and received our first two bottles of wine for the month. What I love about this wine club is that they send a recipe to go with each bottle, and being that I LOVE to cook I was so excited to get wine and new recipes to try!

Both bottles of wine were amazingly good! The first one we tried was the red we were sent:
Soquel Vineyards
04 Pyramid Meritage
One of the most flavorful wines I have ever had. It was earthy and strong with really bold flavor.

The recipe that goes with the Meritage was a South American Flank Steak and it was great!! The wine and the steak were PERFECT together! (I will share the recipe in a later post).

The second bottle was a Chardonnay. Normally I don’t like Chardonnay, so I kind of put off opening this bottle and giving it a try, but once we opened it was gone in no time. We both loved it.
Kearney 07 Monterey County Chardonnay
It had a strong butter taste and was so smooth it felt like silk on my tongue. I was not really all that interested in the recipe that went with it so we had the wine alone without food.

I can’t wait to see what wine we get next!

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