Weekend Fun

Mark’s official birthday was yesterday, so we decided to celebrate on Saturday with a few close friends. Mark decided he wanted foot massages, sushi, and drinks at a new bar downtown. Joey and Katie were the only two that were brave enough to join us for the foot massages which turned out to be a good thing because it was sketchy! We walked in stayed for maybe 10 minutes and left with none of our feet having been massaged. So the 4 of us headed to Two Koi for drinks until our table was ready and the rest of our party joined us.

Yummy rolls and sushi!

Mark, Katie, Joey at the bar.

Not sure what he is expecting to pop out of the box, but Michelle looks really excited about it!

After dinner we headed to Blues and Brews where Amy and Ivan joined us. We didn’t stay long, and while everyone else left Amy, Ivan, Mark and I headed to The Office, our usual post-dodgeball hang out, for some beer and shuffleboard. Mark and I dominated!
Thank goodness we gained an extra hour because I was at Bob and Michelle’s at 9am Sunday morning to spend the day with Grace and Kiera while they went to the Hawks game. Mark found a free Day of the Dead festival at the Tacoma Art Museum so we decided to pack up the girls and check it out.

Grace, very patiently, waited in line for a hour to get her Day of the Dead face painting. She loved it. Every window or mirror that she could see her reflection in she would stop and look and make different faces…it was so cute!

Looking down at the main floor of the museum from the 3rd floor.
There were a ton of arts and craft and Day of the Dead displays. I was surprised at how in to the art Grace was, even the regular art exhibits at the museum held her interest. And, Kiera has to be the easiest baby/toddler every. She is so content to be held and snuggle and just look around and take it all in. We had so much fun spending the day with them!

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