Halloween Bash 2010

Bob and Michelle always go all out for Halloween! The house is completely decorated inside and out! It is always fun and festive! We had a great time and were thankful they let us spend the night in the trailer so we could enjoy ourselves and not worry about driving. Was a good thing too because I discovered that I LOVE Plum Vodka. No I didn’t get sick, but I did enjoy myself!

Group shot back row: Mark, Alex, Bob Ben, Kev, Vanilla Ice :), Josh, Tina
front row: Larissa, me, Kaleena, Michelle. Funny thing we were supposed to be acting out our costume so I thought I would pretend to elbow Bob in the balls, only I really did elbow him. SORRY!
Katie, Grace, Alli, Abi
Michelle and Bob…they looked great together as Greek Gods!

Having fun with the decorations. I LOVE my Roller Derby outfit!

Mark the Samurai Warrior

Mark and I…no we didn’t coordinate, but we had a lot of fun!
Quote of the night…”You have to wiggle it a little and then pull it out.” Those involved will remain anonymous however I will say this had nothing to do with what it sounds like it may have had to do with.

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