End of the Month…

…but not the end of regular posting.

My goal this month was to blog every day. (I have heard from a few people that I love, but have little contact with that they appreciate more frequent posts.) I missed 3 days this month. Yesterday being one of those days. (I was so caught up in party prep for Bob and Michelle’s 3rd annual Halloween bash that I totally forgot.)

I made my most requested party dish, guacamole, and Witches Fingers cookies that took a lot of work on Mark’s part as he had to shape them for me. He has way more artistic ability than I do! I also did all the prep work for tonight’s dinner as, from past experience, I knew I was not going to fell great today after last night.

Turns out that yea I was tired today, and felt completely dehydrated with a touch of a headache, but I actually felt pretty good all things considered. It was really nice though to not have to do much for dinner.

We had a lot of fun last night! Mark and I totally did not coordinate our costumes I went Roller Derby and he went Samari, next year we will be on track with each other again. I LOVED my costume! So much so that I may put it on every few days and do a little twirl in the mirror. 🙂 I found an actual Roller Derby clothing site and got the perfect skirt, top and accessories.

There are pics, but as usual are on Mark’s camera and I have to wait for him to edit and upload before I can post any of them.

One of my other goals this month was to take more pics for my posts…well that just didn’t happen. I have not ever been great about keeping my camera with me and until I find the charger that is not going to change. Dead camera does not take pics very well!!

Even though the month is over I am still going to try and post every day. It seems the more I post the more things I find to spout off about. 🙂

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