Busy Friday Night

Friday Night happened to be Joey’s B-Day party at Doyles, Mt. Tahoma’s homecoming, and the grand opening of a bar in Tacoma. All of which we had been invited to. So Mark and I hit Doyles for long enough to have a drink and eat dinner and chill with Joey for a bit. Then, even though neither one of us went to Mt. Tahoma we ended up at the game with a bunch of our friends that did go to Mt. Tahoma. I was really looking forward to watching a live football game, but what a bust…game was crap…Mt. T was getting annihilated, so we left after the half-time show (what a joke that was!) and went to Fever a new bar that Bob’s sister and husband are managing. You get a free burger basket with the purchase of any drink and let me tell you the fries are the BOMB!!! We did all that and somehow managed to be home around 10pm!

Mark and I at the game.
Mark being silly!

Mark, Dave, Alex…Dave and Alex are Mt. Tahoma alum along with Bob and Josh. I think there were more alum at the game than current student body! No wonder considering the football team stinks! (Sorry guys!)

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