I hate being sick!!!

I hate colds, especially when they are on the verge of being more than a cold! I have had a wicked sore throat, sinuses that are killing me, and have been coughing stuff up for days! I went to the Dr. Monday, you know it is bad when I go in to the Dr as I like to let my body work through things on it’s own, only to find it is viral and there is nothing they can do. Mostly I wanted to make sure I didn’t need antibiotics in case it was strep, that is how bad my throat hurt!

So for the last 4 days I have skipped workouts, (ok I did do Chambers Bay with Bishop last night and at a faster pace than usual because it was dark before I finished, but it did help get the crud in my chest moving!) been drinking hot tea and eating chicken noodle soup (or plain white rice with butter because it is the only thing that sounds good), lounging in my pj’s a lot in the evenings, and taking NyQuil every night. While I despise having to take any form of medication, I would rather use natural remedies or just let my immune system do it’s thing, I am ever so thankful for NyQuil otherwise I would be up coughing all night and would be exhausted on top of being sick.

Thankfully it seems to be working because I feel a lot better today. Sore throat is pretty much gone and my sinuses have calmed down. What has not gone away is the cough and the rattle in my chest. We have Dogeball tonight, and I’m playing at full speed like I usually do…I will sound like a dying sea lion, but oh well.

I will say being sick as an adult really sucks! As a kid you could stay home with a cold and lounge in pj’s, watch movies, and my favorite part…play with new paper dolls! But as an adult I have to be pretty sick to stay home from work and stop functioning in every day life.

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