First Dodgeball Game!

Dodgie Style had its first two games tonight. Our first game was against Trainwreck, which a spin-off of our team from last year. Andy decided he and his friends wanted to have their own team. We managed to schedule two practices before our first game and Andy’s team joined us at both practices. During practice the games were pretty even, so I was wondering how we would do against them…guess what…we did great! Our first win of the night and it set us up to head into the second game of our doubleheader.

Bring on the Wonderballs! Of all the teams we have played in Dodgeball, Kickball, and Softball they are our favorite team! Always competitive, but always really nice and fun to hang out with after the games. They are a pretty decent test of our skill set as a team and we beat them 7 games to 1 in a 20 minute match!

Pretty much we owned both teams tonight and it felt great!!!

Shout out to Kev and Kaleena for being MVP’S, Kev for game one and Kaleena for game two. Good job guys!

Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

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