Recipe of the Week

So I totally stole this recipe from my sister and her husband…props to Beth and Brian for creating such a odd yet yummy mix for healthy enchiladas! Actually we ate them more like a soft taco than an enchilada, but I guess when you are the one cooking it you can call it what you want.

Yummy Enchiladas or Soft Tacos…take your pick. 🙂

Corn Tortillas
Kidney Beans – drained
Pineapple chunks – drained
Green Enchilada sauce
Chicken – I added that on my own…I don’t think chicken was part of the original recipe, but I could be wrong about that.

Put all in a crock pot and cook for a few hours (I cooked mine on low for 4 hours because the chicken was cold and I wanted it good and hot!)

Warm tortillas and fill with mixture from crock pot.

I suppose you could add sour cream and cheese on top with a little more enchilada sauce on top if you wanted to make enchiladas, but we went plain with the tortillas and the mixture from the crock pot.

Sorry there are not measurements on how much of each…I just did it until it looked like there was enough of each thing to taste good. If you are a structured cook (sort of like me) embrace the lack of measuring and just eyeballing it…it was sort of freeing!

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