Conversation of the Week!

(First let me just say I did make a post yesterday, but due to technical difficulties it is not showing. I really didn’t miss a day!)

Happened in Zubma class. A little background – there are a few Mom’s that bring their 7 to 10 year old boys to class and let them sit in the back of the class. I am not a fan of this as it is a class full of women shaking everything they have to songs like “Put Your Back Into It”! Needless to say they sit there with grins on their faces the entire class.

Monday night one of the boys says, “Hey babe, I want to see you drop it low.” My response, “In 10 years I would slap you for that comment.”

I hope that by the time he is old enough to buy a girl a drink he has better lines than that!

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