What Do You Know For Sure?

One of my favorite Oprah questions is What Do You Know For Sure? Every time she asks someone that it makes me think about what I know for sure for me and my life. One thing I know for sure is…

Life is just too complicated, messy, and challenging to judge others. I truly believe the majority of people are not malicious and don’t plot and plan to be hurtful or mean, and are trying to live their life the best way they can. Sure they will make mistakes and do hurtful things and sometimes do flat out mean things. But, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and not judge lest I be judged myself.

Does that mean I will roll over and be hurt again and again…not at all! I have ended friendships/relationships that were not healthy, but I do realize those involved have a life path that I have not walked and I believe they are doing the best they can with what they have to work with both externally and internally. Sometimes I just can’t be part of their life journey.

BTW – Stay tuned for further What Do You Know For Sure? posts this month, along with a quote or conversation of the week post every week as well. All part of helping me blog every day!

2 thoughts on “What Do You Know For Sure?

  1. I've been struggling with the what do I know for sure question…what it comes down to for me is 1. I worry too much about the things that I can't control. 2. My girls are the only thing is this world that truly belong to me. 3. Even though Bob pisses me off, I love him more than myself. He is my rock and life compass. I'm an aquarius so sometimes I need a life compass:).


  2. What I know for sure about life is what goes around comes around. Live unselfishly as a benefit to those around you and take care of yourself first with the goal of being there for those who mean the most to you and good things will come your way. Even when bad things do happen you will come out so much strengthen, and you will learn something beneficial through the experience. You and Mark are good people with great people in your lifes circle.


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