Fantasy Football Update

I did better this week! Won in two leagues and lost in one and tonight’s game will not help or hurt me in any way.

Work League (Made up of co-workers and the 10 year old son of a co-worker, 6 teams total) – No surprises there…I was pretty much going to win no matter what. BTW – the 10 year old won last year and is off and running again this year…makes me sick!

BOTS (Battle of the Sexes league) (made up of 6 guys & 6 girls I only know 4 of the 12 people in this league, Michelle being one of the girls) – I have been really bad in this league! Struggling with QB issues, having 3 of 4 bench spots with injured players sitting in them, and having one or two starters that are off to really slow starts this season. It has all lead to me being in last place sitting at 0-3 and this week I was up against the number one team in the league. He was undefeated and looking pretty good! That is until I beat him this week! Let’s hope I can keep up the winning streak for a few weeks and at least get to 500!

Jock and Jill Straps league (made up of friends ie. Bob & Michelle, Mark, Nolan, Josh and several others 12 teams total.) – I am 0-4 and don’t really see any light at the end of the losing tunnel. This week I managed to only score 22 points…mind you to win you need to be around 120 in this league! My QB is Jay Cutler who was sacked 9 times in the first half and didn’t come back out of the locker room after halftime. I don’t blame him though…if I had been knocked on my butt that many times in a half I would hide out in the locker room as well! Ok to be fair to him the report is he suffered a concussion during one of the sacks and that is why he did not come back out.

Overall I’m 3-12 between all three leagues…not good! I have made all the roster changes I can or probably should. Now it is time to wait and see what happens.

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