Football Sunday

Steelers post-game analysis – Batch was off…way off in his passing game. And, Reed missed critical field goal attempts…he needs to practice at the windy end more often! I will be sure to call the Steelers office and tell them that! All in all I’m feeling pretty good about 3-1 without Ben. Will be interesting to see if Ben comes back on fire or if he needs a few games to get on track.

Yesterday Michelle and I both had hair appointments. She got a new hair cut and I got a cut and color touch up. Our plan was to get our hair done, swing by one of the many sports bars around and catch the ND game and call it a day. However, Michelle was feeling so sassy with her new hair we decided to do an impromptu girls night out and go dancing so she could have fun with the new cut. We picked up Kaleen along the way, but she ended up not feeling so hot, so Michelle and I boogied until closing! After leaving the house at 9:15 am I finally made it home at 2 am, and had so much fun all day hanging with Michelle!

Michelle getting the new cut styled and dried.
A friend recommend a sports bar in Puyallup we could go to and watch the ND game…on our way there we drove past a Dr’s office with a giant heart on a pole outside…very odd!

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