Steelers Football

This weekend I will find out if I am right in being so vocal about starting Batch over Dixon. With Dixon’s knee surgery Batch is the ONLY health QB we have and is getting the start.

How often do fan’s get to see if their opinion is right or not? I know this is not totally scientific as Batch would have to play the same teams under the exact same conditions to accurately determine if he would have done better than Dixon. But, I will settle for Dixon playing two games and Batch playing this one and I hope the next.

I’m sure it will be a primarily running game, which is why I dropped Heath Miller in one of my leagues. (Who knows how much of a throwing game they will have the next two games and then the bye week is here so I picked up a different TE.)

I have said it before and will say it again…Batch knows the system inside out, he is smart and safe with the ball, and the guys on the team respect him. While I didn’t want Dixon to get hurt I am glad Batch is in.

Safe ball handling on the offensive side and the defense being on fire…I hope that equals a win!

Speaking of the defense being on fire…Steelers are #2 in the power rankings, and I honestly think that is too high at this point. Yes we have managed to get two wins without our starting QB, largely due to our defense. The Steelers D is playing some of the best ball I have seen them play! But, I do not think that warrants a #2 ranking. A team should to be balanced on offense and defense in order to be ranked so high and lets face it the offense is not up to par without Ben. (Still not a Ben fan, but he is the starting QB and the best QB of the 4 on the roster.)

I’m a Steelers fan and I would not have them ranked that high, but what do I know…I’m not an expert.

Here we go Steelers, here we go!!!

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