Quick Whistler Update

Day 2 in Whistler and we are having so much fun! Plenty of room in the condo for the adults to have fun and for the kiddo’s to run around and play.

So far we have spent time in the village, took Grace to the fun zone, celebrated Bob’s b-day, visited the Olympic Nordic Zone, and Michelle and I did some more shopping in the village.

We have been able to time our activities with the weather pretty well, and are going to head to the peak tomorrow since it is supposed to be sunny.

Nice thing about the cold weather…makes the hot tub even better!

A few pics…

Bob, Michelle and the girls at the bar in the condo.
Grace on the trampoline at the fun zone…she is scared of heights, but did great with this!

Mark and I outside my favorite shop in Whistler…Roots.

At the Irish Pub drinking beer waiting for our food.

All of us at the bottom of the mountain bike downhill area.

The Beckham’s at the Nordic Olympic zone.

The Olympic Rings at the Cross Country Ski area.

Grace ready for our mini hike with Mark’s backpack.
P.S. – No adoption news. A waiting game at this point.

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