Weekend Birthday Camping

Grace turned 4 last week and wanted a weekend camping trip to celebrate her birthday. So we headed to Westport with Bob and Michelle and Robert and Fran (Bob’s parents) for a weekend of rainy camping.

Michelle and I decided we needed wine as soon as possible, but I failed…the cork screw broke off in the cork. Thankfully my handy hubby was able to fix it for us!
Campfire the second night…the boys took all the little girls to the beach for a fire while Michelle and I chilled in camp with Kiera.

Since I forgot the steaks we were supposed to have for dinner we decided to give crabbing a try and see if we could catch our dinner. At one point Michelle had Grace convinced that she had to get in to the crab pot, we would lower her into the water, and she had to catch all the crabs by hand. Her only questions was, is the water too deep?

Grace in her jump suit ready to crab.

Yummy cake.

Time for the presents!

Grace, Katie, Kiera, Madeeha.

Kiera so happy!

Mark and I…my hair and my jacket clash!!!!
Michelle, Katie, Grace, and Madeeha.

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