Weekend BBQ

We usually find time for at least one BBQ during the summer, ours was last Saturday. Lot’s of good good, drinks, friends and fun.

I have no idea what Bob is trying to do to Dave…don’t really want to know either.
Our crowded deck.

Grace LOVES her bubbles!

Mark can grill anything…I mean anything. We had grilled peaches for dessert…so yummy! We topped them with Cinnamon and brown sugar.

Hanging out with Alexa…she just woke up from a 20 min power nap.

I love it that he wears his Steelers shirt all the time! 🙂

Kiera loves the bubbles as well.

My new hair. It is a little darker and a lot more red than I was expecting…but I like it. Will see how long it lasts…my hair does not hold red very well.

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