Long Week

It has been a long, emotional week. Some of you may have seen the news that a City of Tacoma employee was killed by a stray bullet on her front porch. Mark worked with Lisa and knew her well. I didn’t know her that well, but did have a few pretty cool conversations with her when her husband helped out our doge ball team last year. Our friend Nolan is work out partners with her husband Joe, so the connections were many.

Any time someone you know is taken from you so quickly, unexpectedly, and needlessly it is hard to process. There has just been a grey cloud over our whole week. Mark and were able to go to the memorial service Wednesday night and while emotional I think it will help start the healing process for all those that knew and loved Lisa.

I was struck by many things at the service: 1. The poise and composure of her Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, and Son. They are all very good speakers and filled with nothing but love for their lost family member, and while angry at those responsible for her death they are filled with forgiveness for them as well. Each one of them spoke at the service and while they shared their hurt and anger it was done very tastefully and the overall message was to forgive those responsible and to remember what Lisa stood for and celebrate the amazing person she was. 2. I feel for her husband Joe. I can’t imagine how hard watching your wife die right in front of you must be, but he was so gracious to all at the service. His emotions must be all over the place and it can’t be easy to share your grief with the 1,000 some odd people that showed up. Lisa was very well known, loved, and respected in the city and he had to share what has to be a deeply emotional and painful process with a whole city. I don’t know that I would be able to do the same with as much grace as he did. 3. Why do we have to wait until our loved ones are gone to celebrate their life and the amazing qualities that we love about them? I wish Lisa could have been there in person to see the impact she has had and feel the love in the room for her.

I’m wishing her family, friends, and co-workers peace in their hearts and the ability to heal.

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