Weekend Update

We headed out of town Friday to spend the weekend camping with Bob & Michelle & kids, Nolan & Michelle & kid, and Jordan our Nephew. We went up to the property at Lake Cushman and were lucky enough to have nice sunny weather which allowed us to spend all day on the lake playing in the water and the sun!

We ventured into town before heading home. Mind you town is like 4 stores maybe.
Mark and Grace floating around.

Nolan, Kolton and Michelle. He loved the water, Kolton that is.

Mark and Jordan went exploring and came back with a lot of photos like this one.

Me and the girls.

Jordan made a new friend…Grace had fun running Jordan ragged!

Camp fire action.

Kolton loves water…even if it is the dogs water. Bishop just stood there and watched as Kolton turned his water dish into his own little play dish.

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