Hospital Pics

Finally here are photos from my head injury. There are not any of me laying on the field because Mark was taking care of me and not taking pictures. Although, I do remember seeing Bob with the camera, but I think I also yelled at him, so he must not have taken any. 🙂

Before the pain killers started working…also I was really hating the neck brace, and my arm was getting tired of holding the ice…the ice was given to me at the field and I had been holding it on there for a long time!
Getting stitches after 3 1/2 hours of waiting.

Close up of the stitches…you can see the dark line in my hair. Only three stitches…so much blood for such a little cut!

The paramedic that rode with me to the hospital. He was pretty nice, kept up the conversation to keep my mind off what was going on.

Probably the worst bad hair photo of me ever…can’t believe these photos even made it on the blog!
Thankfully this weekend I had my first “I have felt normal all day” days. I feel pretty good today as well. The actual cut still really hurts if I touch it, and still bruised on my head, but other than that I’m doing great!

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