New Shoes and other random thoughts…

Yes…another new pair of shoes! Can’t wait to get them and figure out what outfit will be perfect to pair them with. Or, maybe I will have to go shopping for a new outfit! Even better! Good thing I am a total bargain shopper and never pay full price for anything!

Mark installed the window air conditioner in our bedroom and the living room last night…boy did we need it! The house was hot, hot, hot and I sleep so much better in a cool room!

I took Bishop for a nice long walk last night…at least I thought it was nice, I’m not sure he loved it so much. It was so hot and by the end he was dragging for sure. I was literally pulling him behind me and that never happens. I think I will have to move out walks to later in the evening…it is just too hot at 5pm for Bishop.

The good news is that was my first physical exertion since the concussion and I felt great. I know I still need to take it easy, as Mark found in some of his research yesterday, but it feels good to get in some activity! I hope to be back to a full exercise routine next week. I may not be back to Zumba, but at least hour walks every night!

Tonight Mark and I are seeing Eclipse with Bob and Michelle and we are going to the VIP Galaxy Theater in Gig Harbor. The best thing is the VIP theater is 21 and over, so no teenagers and we get beer!

Mark and I leave tomorrow night to spend the weekend with Candy and Paul and going to the Train concert…I can’t wait to see Train! Mark and I have talked about seeing them for years and finally we get to go!

I am loving the sunny hot weather we are having. Finally it feels like summer is here!

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