Photo’s From 1st Softball Game

Even though Mark is not playing he still wanted to come out and support the team. He also used it a photo opportunity and got some shots. There are more on the SmugMug site, but here are a few…

Getting pre-game rules from the head umpire.
Mark is not only good about getting butt shots of me, but our whole team as well. To be fair we were standing in a circle so no matter where he was there was going to be a bunch of butts!
Me talking to the ump letting him know I’m not thrilled with catching because I don’t want to get hit in the face with a bat or a ball. He said he would push me out of the way if needed.

Me catching after our chat. I did get hit in the glove with a bat, but that was about it.

Kaleena throwing it in from Right field.

Nice action shot of Bob running to 2nd base.

Ami making the throw from 3rd to 1st for an out!
After practice last night I have decided to go ahead and play. Thankfully one of the girls on the team is the head coach for Stadium HS Fast pitch team, so she worked with the ladies on hitting and helped me with my glove. After a hour and a half of hitting and fielding I’m feeling much better about it.

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