Relay Photos

I know it is a few weeks late, but here are some Relay photos which are on a site that no one can access yet, so consider this your sneak peak. There are many, many more that will be available for viewing in the near future. 🙂

Event Co-Chairs Cara and Mike. It was a circus theme so they were dressed as ring master for the opening ceremonies.
Opening Survivor and Caregiver Lap.

Our Team Shirts, that were designed by my wonderfully talented husband!

One of my favorite Beckham family photos ever! Even Kiera is looking at the camera!

The High Striker was a hit! People where swinging away all night and people were spending $20 a pop to try and hit the bell.

Me and Bob’s Dad, Robert having fun.

Our caged lion that was one of the prizes for hitting the bell on the High Striker.

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