Softball Fear Factor

That’s right…with kickball almost over it is time for softball.

Right about now I would give anything to live closer to my Dad so he can run drills with me like he used to do when I was in HS. Whatever sport we were doing in PE he would drill me on after school and on weekends all because I didn’t want to get picked last for the teams. And, it worked! I was always able to hold my own and was usually one of the first girls picked for any team. That confidence in my sports related abilities has stuck with me, except for softball.

I feel pretty good about batting, but will admit when it comes to fielding I have a fear factor! Softballs can break noses, knock out teeth, cause bumps and bruises, and are easy to lose sight of when they are popped up. So why play…well the league we play dodge ball and kickball in is one team short for the softball season. We are such an awesome group of people they asked if we would be willing to put a team together and they would cut the registration in 1/2 for us.

So I figured why not challenge myself and step out of my sports comfort zone for 1/2 price?! Plus I like knowing I have scheduled fun time with friends every week.

This weekend I will get a mitt and give it a go…no time for practice before our first game which in the 21st. But after that there will be practice once a week and games once a week.

I hope by the end of the season I will feel much better about fielding!

As for kickball we played our last regular season games last night. Lost the first one, don’t really want to talk about it, won the second, and the next game will be in the playoffs on the 27th. Since every team makes the playoffs not matter their record it is on great accomplishment to be in the playoffs. The great accomplishment will be not losing our first game!

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