River Rafting Fun

We spent the weekend camping and river rafting in Leavenworth. We stayed at the Tumwater campground, and even though it does not have hook-up’s for the trailers, the spots are huge with lots of trees between each spot, so it felt like we were the only ones in the whole camp. It ended up working out that we were able to put both trailers in the same pull-through spot, which is great for Grace. She loves to go back and forth between trailers and it is so much easier when we are close together and can see what she is doing and no cars to worry about.

The weather was beautiful the entire time, not a drop of rain the whole weekend! The only time we got wet was when were on the river hitting the white water. It was a great mix of calm drifting which was great for photos, and exciting, drenching white water rapids. I don’t have any pics of the actual rafting as we had water proof disposable cameras that still need to be developed. (I don’t miss film at all!) No one was willing to risk ruining their nice digital cameras so we went old school and disposable.

We had three boats all together. I knew a few people from the other boat from Relay and they are Bob’s co-workers, but I really only knew the people in our boat, and what a fun group we were. Even our guide fit right in cracking jokes and having fun with us. Once the pics are developed you can view them here: http://markyeatman.smugmug.com/ click on Wenatchee River Rafting 2010. Plus there are way more camping photos there than what I uploaded to the blog.

We made it to camp around 4 or 5 (can’t remember) Friday afternoon, set up and had dinner. Saturday morning we headed out for our adventure on the river, and were back in camp by 4pm for some snacks, games and relaxing before dinner. We were loving the sun so much we decided to sleep in Sunday and play in Leavenworth until check out time at 2pm. We shopped, had lunch, found a few things we just had to have and then headed home.

What a great weekend!

Kiera…rubbing it in that she has more hair than Mark.
Grace…may be the only time she sat still the whole weekend. 🙂

Bishop, this was his spot the whole weekend. He made a little bed for himself and planted himself there.

This is how Kiera spends most camping trips…in the stroller yelling at whomever is closest to her in the hopes we will set her free to crawl around in the dirt. That girl is so ready to be walking!

Not sure why these are smaller…larger sizes are on the smugmug site.

Getting the boat ready…they inflated much faster than we thought they would!

Us after: Mark, me, Michelle, Bob, Alicia, Ben, Lance – our guide.

Back in camp after rafting hanging out.

What does one do in Leavenworth? Drink beer and eat kilbasa of course!…

…And tire yourself out eating a huge ice cream cone. Small was not so small!

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