Long Weekend

My weekend starts in just about 3 hours. I am leaving work early to meet Mark at home, hook up the trailer, meet Bob and Michelle and head to West Port for a long weekend of camping!

I love getting out of town, turning off the phone, the computer, the TV!, and enjoying time with good friends.

Bob, Michelle and I did all the grocery shopping last night and have all the meals planned so we know who is cooking what each day. Let’s just say that just because we are camping does not mean we have simple meals…Sheppard’s pie, BBQ shrimp, marinated steak, baked oatmeal, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, and lots of cocktails are all on the menu!

I will have to take a lot of long walks with Bishop to work it all off!

Amongst all the fun this weekend we will take a moment to appreciate the freedom we have in this country and the price that was paid for that freedom. While I don’t think war is ok, I can still appreciate the fact that through the years many, many people have given their lives so that we can enjoy ours!

I will be back on Monday and will post photos from the weekend.

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