New Shoes

I got my first pair of shoes from ShoeDazzle! I love them. Yes they are pretty neutral, but I will be able to wear them with almost anything all summer long! Plus the shoe box and cute storage bag that comes with them are adorable!

Plus, the best part is Shoe Dazzle is going to start offering handbags as well! My weakness!

Check it out here: it is a service that for $39.95 a month a team of stylist send you 5 shoe choices each month based on a quiz you take. If you like one of the shoes they send it to you, if you don’t like any of the shoes let them know and they will send you 5 different shoes to choose from. If you still don’t like any of them you can skip that month and you won’t be charged. Shipping is free and returns are free as well.

I can’t wait to see what my choices are next month!

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